Charger Converter 3000VA 24V 70/16 MultiPlus - Victron Energy
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Charger Converter 3000VA 24V 70/16 MultiPlus - Victron Energy

Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation

PowerControl - Adapt to the limits of a generator, dock or sector

PowerAssist - More power supplied by the dock or generator

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Two outputs

AC The main output has an uninterruptible power supply function. In the event of a network failure or disconnection of shore power or the generator, the MultiPlus takes over the supply of the connected loads. This transfer is so rapid (less than 20 milliseconds) that the operation of computers or other sensitive electronic equipment connected will not be disturbed.

The second output is only energized when AC is available on one of the inputs on the MultiPlus. Loads that would not discharge the battery, such as a water heater for example, can be connected to this output (second output available on models of 3 kVA and more).

Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation

Up to 6 Multi can operate in parallel to obtain more output power. For example, six 24/5000/120 units will provide 25 kW / 30 kVA output power and 720 A load capacity.

Three-phase configuration

In addition to the parallel connection, three units of the same model can be configured for a three-phase output. But that's not all: up to 6 series of 3 units can be connected in parallel to provide a power of 75 kW / 90 kVA and more than 2000 A load capacity.

PowerControl - Adapt to the limits of a generator, dock or sector

The MultiPlus includes a very powerful battery charger which requires high currents at the shore or generator connections (nearly 10 A at 230 VAC per 5 kVA Multi). The Multi Control control panel makes it possible to limit the power to be supplied by the quay or by the generator. The MultiPlus then takes into account the power demand of other AC loads at the output and will only use the excess for the load, thus avoiding any overload of the shore or generator supply.

PowerAssist - More power from the dock or generator

This function gives an additional dimension to the principle of PowerControl By allowing the MultiPlus to supplement the capacity of the alternative source. If a strong demand for peak power is required for a short time, the MultiPlus ensures that the lack of power from the network or generator is immediately compensated by the energy from the battery. And when demand decreases, the excess power will be used to recharge the batteries.

Solar energy.

AC power available even in the event of a network failure The MultiPlus can be used both off-grid and connected to a PV network or other alternative energy systems. Sector loss detection software is available.

System configuration

In the case of standalone applications, it is possible to modify parameters in a few minutes using the configuration procedure using DIP switches.

Applications in parallel or three-phase configuration can be configured with the VE.Bus Quick Configure and VE.Bus System Configurator software.

Self-consumption, interactive network and off-grid applications involving network-connected converters and / or MPPT solar chargers can be configured with assistants (specific software for specific applications).

On-site monitoring and control

Several options are available: battery controller, MultiControl control panel, VE.Net Blue Power control panel, Color Control control panel, Smartphone or tablet (Bluetooth Smart), desktop or laptop computer (USB or RS232).

Remote monitoring and control

Victron Ethernet Remote, Venus GX and the Color Control panel. Data can be stored and displayed on our free VRM (Victron Remote Management) website.

Remote configuration

If systems with a Color Control control panel are connected via Ethernet, they can be accessed and their configuration changed

Data sheet

20 kg
Data sheet
Tension nominale
24 V
5 years
Courant de charge nominale
70 A
AC output voltage
Victron Energy
Dimensions (H x L x P)
362 x 258 x 218 mm
Voltage range
19V- 33V
50 Hz
Peak power
Type de signal
Signal type
Charging voltage "Float"
Continuous power
Standard AC outlets
Terminal screw 13 mm2 (6 AWG)
Output short circuit / overload / battery voltage too high / battery voltage too low / temperature too high
Degree of protection
EN-IEC 60335-1, EN-IEC 60335-2-29, EN 62109-1
Continuous power at 40 ° C
Max efficiency
No-load consumption
Material and color
Material and color: aluminum (blue RAL 5012)
Battery connection
4 M8 bolts (2 positive and 2 negative connections)
Automatic transfer switch
Continuous power at 60 ° C
Programmable relay
Port de communication VE.Bus
For parallel or three-phase operation, remote monitoring and system integration
AC input
187-265 VCA
Charging voltage "absorption"
Storage mode
Battery temperature sensor

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