Battery protection 220A 12V - 24V - Victron Energy
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Battery protection 220A 12V - 24V - Victron Energy

Very easy programming

Overvoltage protection

Disconnection time and reconnection of the load

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The BatteryProtect protects the battery by disconnecting it from non-essential charges before it is completely discharged (which would damage it) or before it does not have enough power left to start the engine.

12/24 V auto measurement

The BatteryProtect automatically detects the system voltage.

Very easy programming

BatteryProtect protection can be configured to activate / deactivate at different voltage levels. The 7-segment display will indicate which configuration has been chosen.

A special configuration for lithium-ion batteries

In this mode, the BatteryProtect can be controlled by the BMS of the VE-Bus. Note: The BatteryProtect can also be used as a charge switch between a battery charger and a Li-ion battery. See the connection diagram in the manual.

Very low energy consumption

This is an important feature for lithium-ion batteries, especially after stopping at low voltage. Please see our technical sheet for lithium-ion batteries and the VE.Bus BMS manual for more information.

Surge protection

To avoid damaging the loads that are sensitive in the event of an overvoltage, the load is disconnected if the DC voltage exceeds 16 V and 32 V respectively.

Protection against combustion

No relay, but MOSFET transistors, and therefore there are no sparks.

Delayed alarm output

The alarm output is activated if the battery voltage drops for more than 12 seconds below the predetermined disconnection level. Starting the engine will therefore not activate the alarm. The alarm output is an open collector output protected against short circuits which is connected to the rail (negative), maximum current of 50 mA. The alarm output is generally used to activate a buzzer, an LED indicator or a relay.

Load disconnection and reconnection time

The load will be disconnected 90 seconds after the alarm is activated. If the battery voltage increases again to the connection threshold during this period (when the engine has been started for example), the load will not disconnect. The load will be connected again 30 seconds after the battery voltage has exceeded the preset charge reconnect voltage.

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