Kit solaire 8000w autonome hybride MPPT 48v-230v 10kVA stockage Lithium 10500wh

-12x300Wp Mono solar panel, up to 18kWh per day

-GEL 200Ah 12V X4 battery (9.6kWh of storage)

-5Kva 80A 48V Ecowatt Hybrid Inverter with integrated solar regulator / charger / converter

-Fully pre-wired kit, PLUG AND PLAY

Pack description

This kit is ideal for small applications, motorhome, boat, garden shed, and allows you to connect to 230V (AC) devices

This kit is composed of:

-12 300Wp Mono solar panels

-A 5Kva 80A 48V Ecowatt Hybrid Inverter with integrated solar regulator / charger / converter

-4 12V 200Ah GEL batteries (9600W of storage)

-The set of Cables and connectors allowing you to commission your solar installation


-An AC Protection Box

-A DC Protection Box


High efficiency ECOWATT 300Wp Mono Solar Panel! (Guaranteed 25 years on performance)

This module is capable of providing you with 1500Wh per day, under optimized installation conditions (orientation, and inclination).

The production of this panel will change depending on your geographic area, in fact, the sunshine in Brest, is not the same as in Nice, there is generally a difference of around 20%.

Cell technology is also to be taken into account depending on your area, see our FAQ for more information.


5Kva 48V 80A MPPT ECOWATT Hybrid Inverter (2 year warranty)

-Integrated pure sine converter 3000VA

-Integrated MPPT 50A charge regulator

-Built-in 25A high frequency battery charger

-Suitable for supplying restrictive and inductive loads

Sealed lead acid GEL 12V battery (2 year warranty)

Waterproof lead gel GEL 200Ah 12V (9600Wh) slow discharge, all the batteries in our 12V solar kits are suitable for the power of the solar panel (s) included in the kit. It is a good idea to have a multimeter or a voltmeter to monitor the voltage of your battery bank.

The discharge of your battery must be done in minimum 5 hours to maintain a correct cycle time, and thus keep your batteries longer.

Clearly, for a 200Ah 12V capacity battery (9600W), you should not consume more than 240W for 5 hours ( of the battery)

All our batteries are tested (discharge / charge cycle) before each departure, a faulty battery after a few months and generally due to improper use of it. strongly recommends the use of battery protection, or battery controller, below the products allowing this functionality:




WARNING: VICTRON batteries cannot be covered by the warranty if a history of use is not provided



Easy to install, our kits are sold with the necessary wiring, all pre-wired (PLUG & PLAY)!

You will find the cable pre-crimped by our team with MC4 connectors for the solar panel / regulator connection, and of course, the regulator / battery connection cable with M8 flat lugs.

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