Solar kit 200w (100w x 2) 12v autonomous-storage battery 1.2kw

-2x100Wp Mono solar panel, up to 1000Wh per day

-100Ah 12V GEL battery (1200Wh of storage)

-Fully pre-wired kit, PLUG AND PLAY

Pack description


This kit is ideal for small applications, motorhome, boat, garden shed, and allows you to connect to 12V (DC) devices

-2 100Wp Mono solar panel

-A 12 / 24V 20A charge regulator

-Cables and connectors


High efficiency ECOWATT 100Wp Mono Solar Panel!

This module is capable of providing you with 500Wh per day, under optimized installation conditions (orientation, and inclination).

The production of this panel will change depending on your geographic area, in fact, the sunshine in Brest, is not the same as in Nice, there is generally a difference of around 20%.

Cell technology should also be taken into account depending on your area


EPEVER 20A 12 / 24V solar charge controller:

This charge regulator made from quality materials, uses an improved charging algorithm, which respects the charging periods of your battery thus optimizing its lifespan.

-Automatically recognized 12V or 24V system

-Max load current 20A

-120Wp of panel in 12V 240Wp of panel in 24V

-LCD screen

It is equipped with protections for an increased lifetime of the system:

-Protection against overvoltage,

-Protection against overcurrents,

-Protection against reverse polarity

-Battery overload protection


Suitable for all types of applications:



-Isolated site


GEL waterproof lead battery 12V

Sealed lead-acid battery GEL 100Ah 12V (1200Wh) slow discharge, all the batteries in our 12V solar kits are suitable for the power of the solar panel (s) included in the kit. It is a good idea to have a multimeter or a voltmeter to monitor the voltage of your battery bank.

The discharge of your battery must be done in minimum 5 hours to maintain a correct cycle time, and thus keep your batteries longer.

Clearly, for a 100Ah 12V (1200W) capacity battery, you should not consume more than 50W for 5 hours ( of the battery)

All our batteries are tested (discharge / charge cycle) before each departure, a faulty battery after a few months and generally due to improper use of it. strongly recommends the use of battery protection, or battery controller, below the products allowing this functionality:




WARNING: VICTRON batteries cannot be covered by the warranty if a history of use is not provided



Simple to install, our kits are sold with the necessary cabling, all pre-wired (PLUG & PLAY)!

You will find the cable pre-crimped by our team with connectors PV for the solar panel / regulator connection, and of course, the regulator / battery connection cable with M8 flat lugs.

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