Solar kit 320w (160w x 2) 12v flexible-flexible camping car-caravan-boat Mppt Boost

Jusqu'à 1600W/Jour De Production

Pack description


The Mppt Victron Energy kit guaranteed for 5 years (Click here)


This kit has been designed to meet the needs of motorhome and boaters, the kits are made to be connected to the service battery to allow better autonomy when the engine is not running. The fixing systems are included in the kit,


The kit consists of:


-2 Ecowatt-Flex 160Wp solar panel

-A 12 / 24V 30A EPEVER MPPT charge regulator

-A waterproof roof pass for cable passage

-Cables and connectors (configurable)

-A Sikaflex 512 Caravan glue


Solar panel ECOWATT-FLEX 160Wp mono, high efficiency!

ECOWATT 160Wp monocrystalline power solar panel will perfectly meet your expectations. Your solar panel will even produce in gray weather! Under optimized installation conditions this module is capable of providing you with 800Wh per day.

Its weight and lightness will allow you to transport and install your solar panel wherever you want.

The 30A 12 / 24V EPEVER MPTT charge regulator

This charge regulator made from quality materials, uses an improved charging algorithm, respecting the charging periods of your battery thus optimizing its lifespan.


-Automatically recognized 12V or 24V system

-Max load current 30A

-120Wp of panel in 12V 240Wp of panel in 24V

-LCD screen

It is equipped with protections for an increased lifetime of your system:


-Protection against overvoltage,

-Protection against overcurrents,

-Protection against reverse polarity

-Battery overload protection


Various accessories (LCD screen, Software, PC Connection) are available for simple and clear monitoring of your system, in particular, production, state of charge of the battery, and consumption.

This allows you to have a remote display of your system, the regulator often being placed in non-visible areas.



Simple to install, our kits are sold with the necessary cabling, all pre-wired (PLUG & PLAY)!

You will find the cable pre-crimped by our team with MC4 connectors for the solar panel / regulator connection, and of course, the regulator / battery connection cable with M8 flat lugs,


Roof hatch for cable passage.

Fixing kit for up to 2 modules

Anti UV ABS materials, durable over time!


Excellent resistance to UV rays, aging and climatic conditions

Good adhesion properties on multiple substrates without specific treatment