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-Convertidor de cargador de energía 10000VA

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Take advantage of continuous and reliable power whether the network is available or not. The energy produced by Ecowatt inverters is oriented and used intelligently for optimal performance. All priorities can be defined by the user: use of batteries, solar or AC source (network or generator) In self-consumption, the energy produced by your panels is fluctuating and it does not correspond to consumption. The Ecowatt inverter stores part of the solar production in the batteries for later use during the evening or at night. In isolated locations, the Ecowatt inverter can be connected to a generator to charge the batteries if they are empty and there is insufficient solar production. This inverter is able to work with several different energy sources such as:

-public network

-photovoltaic panels

-heat generator


Management by microprocessor directs energy according to production, consumption needs and the state of charge of the batteries. It is possible to perform real-time monitoring locally or remotely. The Ecowatt inverter does not re-inject current into the grid.



-Solar priority


-Solar and network

-Adjusting the battery charge current

-Possibility to limit or prohibit charging via the network

-Max input voltage at 50 Vdc (useful for fluctuating networks)

-Economic mode (limitation of self consumption)

- Fine adjustment of the battery charging characteristics

-Automatic restart in case of overload and over temperature

-Possibility of limiting the battery discharge in order to preserve their lifespan

- Return voltage in configurable battery mode

-Bypass overload (allows to pass on the network in case of consumption peak)

-Low battery security



Example: for a consumption requirement of 800Wh, you can have a configuration:

-400Wh provided by solar energy

-400Wh supplied by the batteries or the public network (or both at the same time)

This multi-feed technique makes it possible to greatly reduce the battery bank and extend its lifespan.

This inverter accepts up to 600 Wp of photovoltaic panels, and can connect to the grid or to another renewable energy source if the solar production is insufficient.


-Residential, commercial and telecommunications

-Areas where the electricity supply is unstable

-Zones that are not connected to the network


It is possible to use the inverter as a "back-up", without photovoltaic panels. In this mode, the UPS will assume the role of UPS, to protect your devices from network outages.

The inverter thus protects computers and audio-visual equipment, or any other sensitive load by providing a stable current. It guarantees uninterrupted feeding of consumers.

The electricity produced from these pure sine inverters is stable.

Possibility of protecting only one or more rooms in your house through the distribution box.


In this configuration, the inverter uses the panels to supply the consumers and to charge the batteries when the sun is present. The inverter draws current from the batteries to distribute energy at night.

There is the possibility of adding a generator to the AC input of the inverter to provide backup power.


The inverter takes power from the grid only if the batteries are empty and the solar production was not sufficient to cover consumption.

The inverter does not feed back current to the grid.

As in the "back-up" mode, it is possible to connect only part of your domestic installation to the inverter. Consumers connected to the inverter will always be supplied with power, even in the event of a power outage. In addition, these consumers will be fed for free!

The Ecowatt 5k models (with a respective power of 5 kVA) can be connected in parallel so as to add their power. You can connect up to 4 devices in parallel to reach a power of 20 kVA.


The Ecowatt is a pure sine wave inverter that reproduces a current of quality similar to that of the public grid. It can be used to power all types of devices.


The Ecowatt 5kVA also has MPPT technology, that is to say that it constantly searches for the nominal power point, which makes it possible to obtain the best performance from photovoltaic panels. In addition to providing an increase in energy to an installation, it optimizes the battery charge and extends their lifespan. It scans the panel voltage to find the maximum power output point and is able to adapt the voltage supplied by the panel to align it with the voltage that the battery can receive.

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