Panneau solaire souple sans cadre 375Wc 24V - eARC - SUNMAN ENERGY
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Panneau solaire souple sans cadre 375Wc 24V - eARC - SUNMAN ENERGY

-Soft EcoWatt-Flex 110Wp Mono solar panels, up to 550Wh per day

-High efficiency monocrystalline cells

-Light and compact for mobile and nomad application - Flexibility 10 °

-Flex-aluminum structure for even more rigidity and protection


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EcoWatt-Flex solar panels are suitable for small nomadic installations, such as motorhomes, boats or isolated sites.

The 110Wp Ecowatt-Flex solar panel will perfectly meet your expectations. This panel presents a high yield and a maximized production thanks to its monocrystalline cells, it will be able to restore you on average a production of 550Wh per day,


High efficiency single crystal cells

This solar panel was manufactured following the strictly framed process, which guarantees exceptional performance even in low light.


Easy and space-saving installation

With a weight of 1.5 kg it can be transported and installed anywhere.


Simplified connection

Its junction box located on the front side, 90cm long cables and waterproof MC4 connectors will allow you a greatly simplified installation and connection, and suitable for outdoor use.

 Our semi-flexible solar modules are made of a special aluminum-plastic composite. The aluminum core of the base plate has a thickness of 0.8mm and is covered with plastic to give the entire module greater stability without reducing flexibility.

This manufacturing process actively prevents the formation of microcracks on solar cells

 Since motorhomes travel at very high speeds, this reinforced construction prevents the module from vibrating due to strong wind.

 As for the location of the installation on the roof of your motorhome, there are no limits. You can paste it wherever you want.

 Thanks to the front-mounted junction box, the modules can be glued to almost any surface. Thanks to the bypass diodes integrated in the junction box, the module can continue to produce electricity even in the dark or in poor light. Installation is very simple: with a special adhesive (Sikaflex for example), the modules are glued quickly and easily. There are very few limits to the choice of surfaces, because it is even possible to walk gently on the modules. Non-usable areas are now usable.

Another advantage is the low weight of the modules and the aerodynamic shape which make the wind absorption much less important than normal solar panels.

Data sheet

8 kg
Data sheet
Module Type
24V Souple
Type Cellule
Puissance nominale (w)
Connecting box
IP 68
Tension Vmpp
Short-circuit Current(Isc)
Open-circuit Voltage(Voc)
Maximum Power Current(Imp)
Dimensions (H x L x P)
Cells Quantity
Température normale de fonctionnement NOCT [°C]
Allowable return current Ir [A]

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